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Multi-effects (GT-3 mostly)

Hey all-

I was wondering - I think you all were raving about this unit earlier, but 
not sure.  I currently am using a Quadraverb GT with a wah & overdrive, 
and was
planning on adding an EH microsynth and a Echoplex, whenever the 
(*&&%$^%**&! I
can get ahold of one.  THEN, I spent 2 hours the other day playing with the
GT3, and started to think I could make my life a lot easier if this thing 
do what I think it can, like get rid of my wah, forget about buying a 
controller pedal, and ditch all the xtra cables. (there is no posted 

My questions about the unit are:

1.  Do you have a lot of control over synth parameters - is it the equal 
of the
microsynth in this regard?
2.  Do you have full control over the rhythms used by the slicer, gate and

Any input about this unit, as well as comparable units from other
manufacturers,  would be very cool.  (Most of the ones I saw had no synth
effects or anything like that.)  Also, I heard the wah sucks.  Is this 



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