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RE: GT-3 Guitar Synth parameters

Well, I can say that the MicroSynth is just a distortion pedal with a
built-in volume pedal -- you can make it "fade" you in as though with an
envelope filter on a synthesiser (this is great with lots of echoes).  It
also has a built-in wah-wah pedal in that you can make it seem that it's
opening and closing a filter around the waveform.  But it's just a nice way
of managing distortion to fake a real synth.

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  | Subject: GT-3 Guitar Synth parameters
  | Someone was asking yesterday about what parameters were
  | adjustable on the
  | GT-3 synth effect, and how it compares with the EH Microsynth.
  | I don't have
  | the Microsynth manual here, but here's what you can control on the