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Re: AudioMulch

hi jamie

At 00.09 17/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Cool. um er. I'm speechless. Yes. AudioMulch is very cool. Emphasize very.
>I'm interested in exchanging patches and ideas...although I'm just 
>to work with this. You could be my guru though. Emphasize could. Anyway. 
>is you. Ah yes. Does anybody er know of a decent inexpensive "stereo" in 
>out sound card for pee-seeez. I don't want to dip to deep into my pocket, 
>being my girlfriends computer in all. (Take that how you like). I'm 
>preparing to buy a 1000 Mhz. Apple G4 super computer next summer ('cause
>they have all the best software, dig).  So anyway the soundcard should be 
>PC based where as I can hook up a lexicon vortex audio out into the
>computer. Pulverize the sound with AudioMulch and send it out into a
>four-track (Don't ask).

sorry to ask... ;) but why don't you use the Audiomulch hard disk rendering

>    By the way thanks for the tips on the mp3 player hook-up 
>Experiment a success! Live sampling using audio tracks downloaded off the
>internet and loaded onto my mp3. Hell, I coulda just pressed play and 
>their and enjoyed the random-fire mp3 samples. Cool. Yet I deterred in 
>of tweeking them with my audio morpher and looping 'em with the echoplex.
>Cool. .....Next step, find a program that turns wav. to mp3 in which I can
>therefore mutilate sounds via audiomulch and resample as live mp3 sorcery!
>Also now have access to portable mini-disk w/ stereo mics for found-sound
>collage mysteries. I'm so excited about the possiblities! Egads!

can you explain a little better?