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Re: Two looping questions from a neophyte

dt writes...
> i regularly do this kinda exchange between a pcm42 & an edp, though its 
>a bit kludgey & requires the use of hands; also, a slightly modified rane 
>sm82 mixer is involved in the process: the edp & pcm42 are fed by 
>(pre-fader) effects-sends, so when i wanna share/modify material between 
>the 2 devices, i merely turn up the appropriate send to the target-unit.

Hi David... So is the SM82 mod the pre-fader fx send? Is this in your live 
rack? Are you still using the Ashley mixer as well? And finally... What 
are your stereoizing fx used on the loopers?

> a Q: fer y'all: anybody have other paths to these particular ends? more 
>practical/economical? best regards, dt

I saw your response on the Switchblade... don't you use a Peavey PC1600 
for midi fader moves? The Blade could really integrate well with something 
like that and an extension footswitch or expression pedal. (although the 
price IS daunting...)

I do the same thing for feeding loopers... reach over and turn up an aux 
send. All my loopers come back to channel strips instead of aux returns. I 
just need that pre fader send option.