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Re: min'd picks and akai remix 16

 i always write the mfger and they alwyas help. get any  mag  with an akai 
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On Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:02:42   Jeff & Vonda McLeod wrote:
>Hi, all...
>       I saw Mr. Torn's mention of the Min'd pick, and I was curious if 
>were still in production. If so, who has them and where can one pick up 
>       Also, I just got a beat up Akai Remix 16 and am looking for a 
>manual for
>it. There are no resources on the web, so I was wondering if anyone here
>had a manual or could obtain a photocopy of it. Heck, someone might even
>know of a web resource where I could download it.
>Thanks in advance,
>Jeff McLeod
>This is not here--
>And now is almost over... 

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