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RE: vibrato tremolo (off-topic)

> Some pedals (e.g. Rocktron's Purple Haze) have both distortion and
> phase-shifting circuitry, which can modulate kind of like a vibrato, but
> they're not.
> And they're not calling it a tremolo, either.
        ** i was under the impression that this was a fuzz with both lower
and higher octaves, no way affiliated with trem or vibrato.

> Then there are the Lovetone Doppelganger, the Uni-Vibe, the RotoVibe, and
> so forth... Leslies, even, taking advantage of the Doppler effect. But
> none
> of these say "tremolo" on 'em. 
        ** the doppelganger is a dual oscillator phase shifter which can do
some vibrato stuff. lovetone also made the wobulator which was their
dual-oscillator trem.

        other uni-vibe clones would be the prescription electronics vibe
unit, and the fulltone deja vibe (both version 1 and 2). most of these will
say that they're chorus/vibrato pedals, not trem (and they do vibrato, not
trem). fulltone makes a trem (supa-trem) which is really good, presc. elec.
makes the throb (also pretty cool).