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Re: Elixir Strings

In a message dated 99-10-26 12:37:20 EDT, you write:

 They do last a long time, though.  Almost absurdly so. >>

I'll chime in here.  I use the Elixirs on guiatrs I don't play much, i.e. 
that old acoustic, that Korean Les Paul I've got for living room fun, etc. 
those two guitars, the Elixirs have been on for over a year, and they 
feel good and you don't have to apologize when you pass the guitar to your 
guests.  But I simply prefer the DR nickel sound on my main ASAT, but 
good sounding/long lasting combination is Tomastik-Infeld (sp?) I've been 
amazed by those. They have gold colored high strings. I've had them on a 
well-used electric (every two days of playing) since mid-August. They are 
tonally only somewhat tired, but still feel very good.

eric p
echo park