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RE: Live Gig Rig Logistics

> at what point does it
> border on stupidity.setup time is 1/2-45 minutes?!
        ** yeah. i was in a band where both the guitarist and i brought
stereo rigs (i play bass); i was hauling stereo amp/preamp, two cabinets,
two roland rsp-550s plus two rds-8000s (for looping - - one per channel to
have different loops at opposite sides of the stage) and foot stuff, too.
the vocalist also did some looping and processing. usual set-up time was at
least 30 minutes, more often longer - - for a 45-minute set.

        i called us the band with more gear than sense . . . 

        now it's amp (walter woods) and processing in some small backbacks.
used to do two but now it's up to three (megalomania strikes). need to get 
bigger bag. everything (except the amp) is stomp boxes (eh-16 and headrush
for loopage).

        i don't miss stereo, but still have the capability with the woods.