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Re : delay questions

> Some more questions for those more knowledgeable about the nature of 
>loops and
> analog/digital delay units. Can a loop be sped up or slowed down only if 
>the delay
> time is adjustable with a knob? Is every delay that has knobs capable of 
> sped up/slowed down? I assume the position of the delay time knob  (at 
>the time of
> the loop recording) would determine the degree to which the loop could 
>be sped up/
> slowed down (in the middle would mean it could be raised or lowered the 
> amount, etc.).
> Most digital loops seem to destruct when you try to change the delay 
> there any (except the EH 16 sec delay) that are able to do this? Has 
> overcome these limitations by using a pitch shifter  the loop, and if 
>so, which
> model (s) seem to work best for the thick texture of a multi-overdubbed 
> Thanks for your time,
> Paul Sullivan

Yes there is another case at least.

See at http://perso.club-internet.fr/perille