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Reverb/Delay question


I recently got rid of my rack effects (lexicon mpx 100 and nanocompressor) 
simplify my live guitar setup, reduce hiss, etc, and reinvested in pedals. 
Only now (duh) I'm missing the kinds of rich, hall reverbs I was getting 
the lexicon that my new boss reverb/delay can't hold a candle to. And then 
there's my boss comp/sustain which I'm still trying to get a subtle sound 
from. I was thinking of getting rack effects again and maybe fitting them 
into my pedal case under the pedals, but I don't know if they're durable 
enough for that kind of treatment and then there's the origional problem 
the lexicon making too much hiss. Does anyone know of a line-level reverb 
unit that has studio quality sound? Is the idea of putting rack effects in 
pedal board stupid? Am I playing the part of a clueless guitar player?