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Re: Live Gig Rig Logistics

There are pretty good rules to live by.  I can get insane sometimes with
my set-up as well, but I have an extra rule that applies for my solo

Don't bring more than you can carry in one trip.

This isn't always possible, but it's a pretty good goal.  For my solo
shows, I don't bring out the major wattage usually because I don't have to
compete with everyone else on stage.  So between instrument case, combo
amp and backpack I can usually do the whole thing in one trip which makes
me feel a lot safer when I can't park near the gig and don't have anyone
to watch the car while I unload.


Kevin Goldsmith                         kevin@unitcircle.com
Unit Circle Media                       http://www.unitcircle.com/

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Travis Hartnett wrote:

> Having hauled around rigs of varying sizes, I use three rules:
> 1) Don't have any single piece of gear you can't lift by yourself.
> 2) Don't have more stuff than fits into a vehicle you own.
> 3) With everything stacked next to the stage, don't take more than 10
> minutes to setup.
> TH
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> >> at what point does it
> >> border on stupidity.setup time is 1/2-45 minutes?!