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So THAT's what happened to ZIPI...

I remember Gibson at one time was in cahoots with UC Berkeley's CNMAT and
Zeta working on ZIPI, a network-based protocol that would supplant MIDI as
a control standard.  Instead of MIDI's 32 or so KHz bandwidth, you have
bandwidth at least equivalent to Ethernet (which is much, much higher).
And since its network based, you can connect a bunch of devices into an
Ethernet-like LAN without the mess of lots of MIDI in and out cables.

I also remember hearing that ZIPI was dead in the water.

Now, I hear Gibson announcing something called GMICS 
The idea of using it as a replacement for MIDI is downplayed.  It's being
pushed more as a digital audio networking solution.

Will GMICS make it?  Or is it doomed?  Find out next year, same time, same