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Re: jokes and contents

In the "loopmuse" thread it seams like we are forced to talk about looping.
I dont think so. I would not mind to receive less mails/day. Feel free to
just wait until some interesting subject pushes you - as long as its more
or less about looping ;-)
Not all is new: A lot has been said brilliantely in the three years of this
lists existence and is till valid. If you dont receive as many interesting
mails as you would like to read, go to the archive on the site!
In the beginning, I condensed the interesting mails into text files for
future readers (should be somewhere on the site, still). Those who read in
the archive now can do a very good job with little effort: Select the
"timeless", strong contributions while you read through the archive and
offer them to the next visitors as a separate "Review" file! (Kim will put
it up for you, right?).
You may even post such Review for the members that came later.

After all, to each "movement", there is a constant base knowledge
(...tradition) and actual improvements (news)

>>Does anybody know if loop machines, delays, reverbs etc. will be
>affected by the
>>Y2K bug?
>Oh, my......
>Unless the device has a  dedicated imbedded chip that checks a system
>date, there is no need to worry.
>Currently I am a Programmer working at a client site, and my only task
>is to make Systems Y2K complient......so I have some idea what I am
>talking about.

:-) Miguel leads a division for softengineering in Sao Paulo, so he might
have made a joke here...

I like to read all the fun contributions and have a great laugh sometimes.
Then again, I dont have time for this really.

Maybe we should mark the jokes better to diminuish missunderstandings and
save time of some members?

While we are at it: Sometimes I loose good contributions because the
subject is not acurate any more. A thread often brings up new ones and in
my opinion its better to change the subject for those who do not read all
(like this one: if I had left the Y2K, most would have trashed it yawning -
as you may do now ;-)


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