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Re: Looping Laurie Anderson

>    The whole concept of "using tools", though, is a gender-charged one.
>(perhaps overly Freudian but still still resonant with me) explanation I
>received is: Males have external genetalia, females have it inside. This
>manifests itself in a masculine propensity to manipulate external things
>a feminine propensity to look inwards. I received that from a woman, by 

The tool theory contributes to why men think about sex more than
women in general: (again, a womans theory) men are focused on their
external "tools" because they are always manipulating them in some way.

>    I have a memory of watching/hearing a woman on television who used an
>16-second delay to do massive improvised vocal stuff. This would have been
>around 85 or so. Any ideas who she was?

I believe you saw Meredith Monk. I saw an old 1986 performance of her
"loop" vocalizing on PBS. Very interesting and bizarre at the time.

- Larry