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Re: Lexicon MPX R1

For currently in production midi floor controllers, I'd go for a
Rocktron All Access... very robust and waaaaaaayyyyyyyy more
programmable and flexible than the Lex MPX R1. More quiet as well. I
tried the R1 with the G2 processor and remember that hollow tin can
sound the foot device made. 

Best Regards,
Miko Biffle, mbiffle@svg.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions..."

>>> <JohnFlem@aol.com> 11/08 8:18 PM >>>
The MPX R1....if that is the pedal they sell "with" the Lexicon G2, I
really like the switches.  I was tapping a tempo (trying it out in a
store) and it was louder than my guitar was!  I loop acoustic
instruments as well as guitar, and it would definately bleed through
microphone.  Also, the "throw" of the switches is so far (high) that
I found 
it difficult to tell if they were actually being activated.
john painter