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Re: Mr. Bungle/Gear (Non-Loop)

Just a note for all interested parties- I will be attending and recording
(as best I can) the show in L.A. on the 23rd- I have heard enough to at
least warrant going to check 'em out! below are the tour dates-

Also- someone mentioned a Digitech something 8000? I would like to see a
picture of this- LD site has no pic and I cannot find any searching the 
I am currently using a Jam Man as my EDP is out sick- I am using a DR-5 and
an old Yamaha KM 802 mixer along with my Tech 21 amp etc- my Vortex will be
coming back from repairs by the end of the week so I hope to have some more
substantial examples up on my site soon but wanted to know how some other
loopers are creating percussion/ drum parts for looping? The Dr-5 is ok but
I would like to have better sounds and flams for jazz- the newer Boss has a
nifty button for flams that makes jazz ride symbols a snap and snare flams
really easy too- very difficult on my box-

PS- I am finding my mini disc recorder fantastic for logging loops and
ideas- much nicer is the ability to take your current work ideas out of the
house and on the bike etc- good for "the process" One question- anyone
bought one of those battery boxes to allow the mic to use the line in
instead of the mic in? There are so many just wanted to see if anyone has 
opinion of one- the line in is so much more quiet!

PSS- Thanks Kim for the LD site additions and for the maintenance! Looks