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Re: gibson/steinberger/echoplex

 The note by Kim Flint was very informative.  I don't follow the industry 
real close, but I have recently been in  the market and have successfully 
purchased a  used Steinberger  Guitar w/Transtrem,  so I have been doing a 
lot of  looking, watching and waiting.......I noticed now that Steinberger 
has come out with a new line of guitars, on Yo music.com or something like 
that and are selling  the new line very cheap  w/o transtrem.  These 
are dirt cheap.  I mean cheap.....My point is that  there is a good chance 
the Digital Echoplex may be a thing of the past or emerge in some new  
downsized form.  That what seems to have happened with Gibson  or whoever 
reintroducing the Steinberger.  I admit,  I don't know all the facts about 
Steinberger,  but I am not holding my breath waiting on  a new top of the 
line Steinberger.    Face it,  the Digital Echoplex is  a very 
machine and very deep and appeals to a certain type of musician.   How 
the profit margins on these things and what kind of money did they make 
company.  with all the small boxes coming out with the ability to loop for 
short periods and with effects  to boot they must be very appealing to the 
masses......and profitable to the companies.  I have a Korg unit with some 
looping capabilities I bought because I like Korg effects but   After 
the Echoplex and a  4 minute Boomerang for quite a long time I don't even  
bother to play with the Korg looping feature.  When I bought the Echoplex, 
loved it so much I immediately went on the lookout for a backup.  comments