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New MP3 samples

Hi all loopers,

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in the States (we had ours in Canada
last month).

Just a quick note to let you know that I have posted 8 sample MP3 files
on my web site


(visit link "Demo CD")


Fuga Y Misterio (860KB) (A. Piazzolla)
Addagio (310KB) (J.S.Bach)
On Reflection (466KB) (Gentle Giant)
Allegro (135KB) (F. Schubert)


Echo (540KB) 
Taking Turns (440KB) 
Lata Frķa (855KB) 
No Craft (840KB) 

All songs recorded live on Stick with no overdubs.  All but "Echo"
include live looping using an Echoplex Digital Pro.