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Korg's new 160 second delay !


Originally scheduled to be released in October, 
I don't know when it'll be out now :


 "Additional new effects include tempo delays, modulation via MIDI-sync'd
LFOs and analog-style sequencers, envelope and LFO-swept filters, new
high-quality analog EQ and reverb algorithms, an awesome 160 second maximum
delay time, and more."

 "...four- and six-tap multitap chorus/delays..."

"High-Quality MIDI-Synced Tempo Delays: A variety of recent synths and
effects    include MIDI-synced delays. With some of them, however, you 
have noticed a telltale clicking when the tempo changes - or even when it's
supposed to be completely steady!

* In contrast, the OASYS PCI's MIDI-synced tempo delays are smooth,
responsive, and click-free. They also offer delay times up to 40 seconds
(and you can use  up to four of these at once!), fine adjust of synced 
times to create "swing" rhythms, individual high and low cut filters per
tap, and more."


Promisingly awesome.


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