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Re: ... Mixer Feedbackking

i have to say
i was , originally, attracted to the idea of feedbacking in a conceptual 
of way
but today at work i was getting worlds of sounds from a little guitar amp 
with the headphone output going into one of the inputs
just messing with the eq, the gain, and master volume i got intense sounds
not just screeching feedback(what i was expecting)


> very interesting ... but you can also route the monitor and tape outs
>  back into the mixer.
>  ALSO: the sound of the mixer alone feedbacking into itself is probably
>  going to get real boring real quick. 
>  AND you'll need some external fx!
>  examples: delays with hold, pitchshifters, modulation (flangers,
>  phasers), distortion, vocoders, autopanners ... you name it.
>  the idea is to put these into the feedback loops:
>  i.e. aux-send/mon-out/tape-out --> fx --> channel strip