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Re: Line6 features

Gareth Whittock wrote:
> I, like many of you am intrigued by the new line6 delay modeller.

I just picked one up!

> Could someone who owns one tell me:-
> a    Whether the looping section is true stereo, (ie stereo image is  
>maintained from input)

Yes it is. It is also true bypass. Nice feature that.
> b    What the provision of an external expression pedal allows you to do.

You can "morph" (for lack of a better word) between two different
settings on the same Delay type. 

IE: If you are using the Boss analog delay emulation you can set it up
so the closed (heel position) delay time is 10 MS and the full open (toe
position) setting is the full 2.5 seconds.  

You can basically go between any two settings in one preset so you can
tweak the unit to "morph" from any one preset into another (in the same
mode.  IE: Analog delay (Boss Delay Emulation) or Modulation Analog
Delay (EH Deluxe Memory Man Emulation)

> c    Is there is some sort of patch memory?

Yes. You can save three patches (A, B, C) in each delay type. The looper
is a different creature I believe as the A,B,C "preset" switches then
turn into Overdub, Play, and  One Shot switches respectively.

> d    What sort of sound quality are we talking about?

Well it's a 24 Bit  unit with a "digital modeler" that supposedly can
emulate the old analog delays and dowh to 6 bit digital delays. I'm not
ready to review it but certainly it has a wide range of "quality" IMO.

At this point I'm wondering if there is a new user list growing for the
new LINE6 products. Anyone know if this is happening or want to make

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