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Re: Acoustic guitar looping and feedback problems


ANET@aol.com wrote:
> Martin thinline Piezoelectric installed in the bridge does the trick.  No
> need for soundhole covers, and feedback is virtually eliminated even at 
> volumes.

Specifically, Martin Thinline Gold. That's the high-end. Don't forget
that the Martin is actually made by Fishman. I've also heard good things
about Highlander, and B-Band.
> Yes, the piezo seems to magnify the higher ends.  Agreed!  This effect is
> completely
> compensated for with a good pre-amp.  What preamp?

SansAmp Acoustic DI is my favored.

> So, forget the sound hole covers, buy a piezo - $90 - $120 (Martin 
>  Then get a good preamp.  Say good bye to feedback forever.

Heh. Forever is a looong time ;-) Any instrument with a sound chamber is
going to feedback at sufficient volume levels. The bigger the air
chamber and the louder the volume, the more likelihood of feedback. Now
most modern A/E guitars are relatively feedback resistant, but there is
no such thing as feedback proof.

Personally, I'd imagine that a strat with a power bridge would be the
ultimate way to go volume and flexibility-wise.

Rev. Doubt-Goat