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Re: It's and Its

for some odd reason this is just now getting posted and I am now getting 
list msg by msg again instead of the digest version i have currently
subscribed to. whats the deal?

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, James Pearce wrote:

|y'know, you're the only one that still feels some how "violated" by that
|off-topic "war" that happened a month back or so enough to keep 
|commenting on
|it. give it up.
|i swear in comparison to the other mailing lists i'm on, this one has the
|highest "whine" factor.
|On Thu, 9 Dec 1999 MyWarNerve@aol.com wrote:
||The rules are simple, don't play the game. Let them be self righteouse 
||their electronic worlds. Let them discuss scotch and pitbulls. But don't 
||dare have a sense of humor about anything, because that most of all, 
|would be 
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