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Re: Boss VF-1 (V-family effects ?)

In a message dated 1/6/00 6:34:23 AM, jo@numerica.it writes:

>I  own a Roland VS 840 EX and also tried a VG-8, on them both there are
>really interesting modulation, bass simulators and noise effects for which
>I was waiting for a Roland release of an effect box with those effect's
>Does anybody know if VF-1 could be this one?
I'd say it is...it includes a Bass Simulation effect, plus lots of "dance" 
effects like isolator, lo-fi,  vocorder, chopper.  It's pretty much a 
collection of their recent effects from the guitar, recording, and groove 
catalogs. The only link to the VG-8 is its COSM guitar-amp/speaker 
so it is more like the GT-5, GP-100, etc. , and includes many of the fx 
these devices, like a feedbacker, slowgear, pickup and acoustic simulator, 
guitar mono-synth, etc. None of the very cool VG-8 fx are included.
I've got one, so if you have any more questions, ask away...and, no it's 
much of a looper, since there's no hold function, even tho some of the 
go to 2800ms.