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Re: newbies and Outlook Express

At 12:24 AM 1/20/00 -0600, Brent wrote:
>well all (or southern: yall), i may be a "newbie" (certainly valid), and
>yes, i was not aware of the html mess outlook has, but i appologize
>(PROFUSELY) [especially to Kim as it seems], but i am certainly open to 
>suggestions for a different e-mail system. My ears are open.

I'd suggest Eudora.  But you are probably used to and happy with Outlook
Express.  There's really nothing wrong with it, per se.  It's just that
it installs with some bad default settings and doesn't make users aware
of those.  And how many people actually read the manual or help information
to find features they weren't aware existed in the first place?

Please, everyone using Outlook Express, or Eudora, or any other email
program that can send HTML coding, set it up to not use HTML encoding
when sending email to this (or any other) mailing list.    Thanks