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Re: Dennis Taffee and backing tracks..drumloops...

I think I know what it is about the drums that I don't like.  They sound
like they're trying to be too real.  I think that this is where a lot of
loopers go wrong with drum machines.  I can just tell a drum machine when
I hear it.  When it's saying, "look at me, I'm synthetic!  See how I
juxtapose with the human elements?"  it's good.  When it says, "hey, look
at me, I'm a real drummer."  I just say, "Bogus."  Be what you are.
That's what I say.

I've used drum machines with a live drummer, and it was GREAT.  Such a
nice combo of tech and flesh.  Good.  I'm thinking of having someone man
a KAOSS pad that's processing the drum machine, to add real human feel.

Real humans, nothing like 'em.


Mike Biffle wrote:

> >>> "future perfect" <artmusic@gte.net> 03/03 3:46 PM >>>
> I haven't heard the track yet, so I can't comment on that directly.
> But Reverend Bob does bring up an interesting point.  It seems to be
> mixed among musicians- some feel a drum machine really adds to a live
> performance, others think it is distracting and superfluous.
> Personally, I don't particularly like them used live- I am more likely
> to bring a hand percussionist along on those types of gigs, or play
> solo and force some creative rearranging. Any other opinions? How
> about from an audience member's point of view?
> This backing tracks thing is a repeating theme...
> For Dennis' genre of music, anthemic melodic rock (hope that sits ok
> with you Dennis! 8-)) I'd say the drum tracks are pretty common and
> create the requisiste ensemble/team sort of vibe... As in a group with
> a common purpose... The problem with doing this alone with a machine
> is that the visual doesn't support that vibe and creates confusion.
> As an audience member I feel a bit cheated if I don't see the
> performer input the drums into the machine live as well... It's even
> better if at least a part of that machine's output is routed to a
> filterbank/dsp/vortex/looper for live tweaking, so the performer can
> interact with it. I pretty much want the performer to create all the
> elements live (even if it is just building up a machine track or
> loop...)
> That said... I feel (drum sync problems aside) that Dennis' tracks
> show a good feel for this style of music. The looping is pretty
> seamless and integrated. I usually prefer a solo performer to either
> be experimenting more, or to be more intimate, ala folk music.
> -miko

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