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Re: Interesting...

LOL. Yep, sure does. That was the point. I'm not *totally* 
insulated from the irony of my own statements, you know.
I've read the "Tao of Physics". Neils Bohr's family coat 
of arms contains the Yin/Yang symbol. The irony wasn't lost 
on him either.

BTW, note that Andrews (a scientist) says "the universe is 
more *like* music than matter". He did not say that the 
universe is more likely music than matter. Now that would be
mumbo-jumbo. :)

- Larry

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> In the same vein, related to the New Scienist article, Donald Hatch
> Andrews states - "the universe is more like music than matter" -
> in that "the universe is a whole constituted by an incredibly complex
> web of communication that relates everything to everything else".
> ** almost sounds like pseudo-scientific mombo-jumbo a la buddhism or
> hinduism . . . 
> stig