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Re: dl4 = midi -- > t.c. D2

speaking of delays w/ MIDI implementation,  anyone used the TC. Electronic
D-Two?  Did I miss any posted reviews?

- Chris

>loopers !
>i don't know if anyone did or not talked about the idea of modifying
>the dl4, but it sure sounds like a danm good idea.
>two main reasones:
>just before reading that please forgive me for my poor level and
>knoowledge in electronics...(i am doing my best thugh to keep up with
>the fact that the unit has so many tweekning and tweazing
>possibilites and also 3 presets and a tap makes a bit of a conflict...
>assuming the optimal situation in which you can take the maximum
>advantage of the unit's flexabiliety ;
>a. the units on the flore
>it seems like the 1 expression pedal output is limiting,so you can't
>make small adjustment while playing but us the pedal like you use the
>b. or it's on a table so in order to tweek,you must stop stop playing.
>2.midi clock both in loop and delay mode
>basicly we're just talking about converting swiches and potentiometers
>to midi,shouldnt be so hard ...
>for the quality of the delay and other effects it may be interesting
>to go even further and assign different alogarithem to control
>velocities and other characters normaly being tweeked.
>i think about a kind of seperated midi agent device that converts
>midi clock to on\off and alogarithems\signals to level (potentiometers)
>controls all these units.
>anyways, since midi technology is so accesible these days,
>it seems logical that there sould be some way to enable musican to
>convert their old analog devices to be controled vie digital interface.
>we're at the age of midi control.
>actualy its not a bad idea to start a kind of a business...
>like maybe do it yourself...
>-why wait for futher upgrades in the program if you can modify it
>by yourself?
>-why buy the modulation modeler if you can convert your analog devices
>to be controled via midi?
>-whats wrong in connecting analog technology with the opertunities of
>digital accurat control?
>looper, feel free to enrich use with your well appriciated knowlede,
>experience and ideas.
>am0as ;9)-
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