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Re: Drum and Bass Loops

EDP is local lingo for Echoplex Digital Pro, the miraculous and wonderful 
real time sampler and looper.


myf@bigpond.net.au on 05/05/2000 10:46:24 PM
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I do this a lot and would have used Recycle and my sampler 2 years ago,
until I discovered SF AcidPro. I find it incredibly easy to use and
extremely powerful. You can change tempo on the fly, alter pitch, and slice
loops instantly. I don't know much about how you transfer samples to your
sampler, but it's done thru scsi and a little utility with my Akai sampler.

I don't miss Recycle to be honest. I have used Wavesurgeon as well, and
tried manually altering drum loops in an audio editor like Wavelab, but
nothing beats Acid. I know some people rave about Fruity Loops, but I found
the UI a bit irritating and it doesn't seem to adjust loops to different
tempo (although maybe I missed this function).

Sorry for my ignorance, but what's EDP (he asks embarrasedly)?

At 11:47 AM 5/5/00 -0500, you wrote:
>What are all of your thoughts on the best PC software to create cool drum
>and bass loops? I would be using the loop to download to my SP-808EX, 
>to be used to create new rhythms in real-time, that would underly and
>support real time loops created on
>my EDP. That is my vision anyway.
>Ideas? Thoughts? Experiences?

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