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RE: good plex news

If the Echoplex works like computers, and in this situation it probably
does, you can also try the following when this problem occurs:

* - Assuming there's more than one SIMM connector in the Plex, try moving
the SIMMs to different connectors. Here, you're not just re-installing the
memory... you're moving it around to different connectors inside the unit.
* - Believe it or not, some systems are pretty picky about the memory 
installed... a lot of times just replacing the memory with memory made by
another manufacturer can make a difference.

In my case (and with computers, mind you), I've seen both of these
techniques work for me to eliminate seemingly random, intermittent memory
problems. I don't know if this will work with an Echoplex, but if you're
having this sort of problem, it's certainly worth a try... and the first
alternative above is free to boot!

Take care all,

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> From: Todd Quincy [mailto:tquincy@sayhhi.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2000 1:55 PM
> To: 'Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com'
> Subject: good plex news
> a few months ago i posted that my plex was scratchy and acting
> up. I had the
> plex fully loaded with 4 minutes of memory and everything was
> great until a
> 2 months ago.
> By Shane Radtke suggestions I reinstalled the original memory to test and
> perhaps trace the problem and to my loopers delight all was perfect.
> I've seen others post a similar problem. I suggest you do this
> before paying
> for a repair.
> Todd Quincy
> BC Rich, Kustom, PowerWerks, Davitt & Hanser