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Sorry, but not sorry (was: Jam Man thanks)

>All right!  Another great example of how our community helps each other!
>> The paper i have shows how to put the Jammie into 'diagnostic mode', 
>> as i said before, i will fax to you if you need it.
>> . . .
>> Let me know if i can be of any further assistance!
>Sounds like great information to put on the LD website!  (Hint! Hint!)
>Dennis Leas

Hello All,

I was responding to Simon Henderson to what i thought was his personal
email regarding his jamman troubles.  Sorry to give it to everyone on the
Loopers list...But it seems i might have some information some folks are
interested in!

I got this from Lexicon when they were still supporting the JamMan.  Is
that now not true?  If you called Lexicon with a JamMan problem, would they
even help you?  If i remember correctly, i had to go through a couple of
techs to get someone to send me this and that was years ago.

I have received a couple of emails already requesting to fax this
information to them.  I can do that, but i will also try to scan and OCR
the text.  That way I can put it up on the LD site.  I am pretty busy at
the current time, so i will try to get to it asap, and then i might need a
little help on how and where to put it!

best regards,