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RE: Unsubscribe!

Just a thought, but has anyone considered that this kind of person is
actually fishing for responses like this?  It does qualify in
a sick kind of way as "attention"...

-Ben Sharp

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Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 10:19 AM
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> i want to fuckin unsubscribe you sad bastards

Charles, dear Charles,
You have the manners of a primate. You are a person for whom the lowliest
insult is merely a more or less accurate description.
You have insulted myself and other list members whose individual intellects
and funds of knowledge you could never aspire to. You are, in short, a
snivelling, worthless, ignorant piece of canine excrement. Kindly follow 
SIMPLE instructions communicated to you previously or if you 're unable to
concentrate for long enough, ask an ADULT to help, (assuming anyone would
want to) and begone, you wretched, wretched child.

Best wishes,