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Re: OT: tremolo pedal

If you are interested in a used one, try finding a Boss PN-2 Tremelo/Pan.
I've used mine for nearly 10 years without a hitch...Great tremelo with
settings more extreme than many others.  A bit noisy, especially when on AC
power.  Should be able to find one floating around the $100 range?

If you want to spend some dollars, check out Electrix's MO-FX, which has a
tremelo that can synch to midi clock, band-selection, and a variety of
waveform shapes.  Also, for the price you get delay, flange, distortion and
insert jacks to boot.

As for your loathing of giant corporate music stores...Be Strong...and
remember, practice makes perfect.  The more you go, the more you can stand
it.  Like perfecting a callous.  Hell, i can spend hours in there
now...even when i know more about the product than the spikey haired,
chained wallet, tongue pierced salesdude who can't quite figure out how
this damned thing works..."uhhhh, lemme get the manager".

apologies to any spikey haired, chained wallet, tongue pierced salesdudes
on the list...


>Hi all:
>Apologies for the OT post.
>Any recommendations for a good, sturdy
>tremolo pedal, reasonably priced, that
>i can use for either electric bass or
>electric guitar (or anything else, for
>that matter).  I'm looking for something
>that isn't going to lop off the bottom
>end of the bass sound, but will also
>sound good on other instruments.
>I just want some direction before i walk
>into a Mars or GC or somewhere, since i
>can barely stand to be in those places for
>more than 15 minutes.  Thought i'd ask what
>fellow loopers use.
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