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OT Re: sustainer/Klein-clogging 1

i'll check out those Micahel Hedges tracks; the TT *is* 'capable' of lotsa 
nuancing..... in conjunction w/yer *own* physical techniques & a modicum 
of imagination.

i had ---on loan, in 1988/89--- a steinberger TT w/a polyphonic 'infinite 
sustain' feature: built by ned steinberger, bob wolstein & rick turner, it 
ummmmmm..... rocked. twas never produced, though.
each string had its own on/off switch & 'drive-control' for the sustain 
feature. if i remember correctly, the team also had a mod that'd allow for 
the 'sweeping-through' of the natural harmonic series.
i used that instrument on a mark isham recording; maybe i used guitar that 
on the soundtrack to 'the beast', as well.
just for y'all's info.....

THusken@aol.com writes:
<< -on the subject of what a TransTrem is capable of producing as far as 
'musical' results, I can think of no better example then the tracks 'Point 
and 'Point B' on Michael Hedges '90 release Taproot.  I believe these two 
pieces were written specifically for the TransTrem and are very clear and 
direct as far as recording goes.
-I also can't help but think that it would be neat to experiment with a 
TransTrem and a unit like the Sustainiac that sustains all strings at 
The sound shifting possibilities seem intriguing.