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Re: Repeater Group Buy


You really should look up "patience" in "Bartlett's Familiar
Quotations." Here's one entry, said by De Buffon: "Genius is nothing but
a greater aptitude for patience." Or how about what the "patience of
Job" can teach us? :-)

There has been plenty of talk on this list about some of the new
features we'll see in the next EDP upgrade, granted most of this was a
while ago. Use the list's search engine to find those new features, at
or maybe someone with a better memory than me can do a recap.

Kim is one of the better "teachers" I've ever come across and was the
one, along with Matthais, who "teaches" us what the EDP *can* do and
some of what the upgrade *will* do. 

Italo, I guess i'm mostly curious about this: Why do you have such
frenzied enthusiasm for a piece of gear that hasn't even shipped yet?
The Repeater looks like it's gonna be a cool tool for some applications,
but that's all I can say right now because not one Repeater has been
sold yet (at least not to my knowledge, Damon. :-)).


italo de angelis wrote:
> >well let's hear it.
> >what's in the next edp upgrade?
> >
> >
> >>What's really irritating is keeping to get some dark & misterious 
> >>chunls of info on what EDP is supposed to become! ! !
> So way these smart engineers don't tell us more about this "mutation"?
> Damon teaches! ! !  That's the way to go...we're waiting!  ITALO
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