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AW: Organizing Looping Festivals


that would be a nice idea. actually I know some places in cologne, germany,
europe (my homebase) where this could happen - maybe could arrange things 
brussels, belgium and berlin too. I have some expirience in promoting
concerts. I think most list members are living and working in the states, 
logistics may be a problem. maybe it's possible to raise some money from 

my idea is to organize events around the world, in all the list members
resident countries - everybody plays everywhere. 
everybody please stand up and tell the list about your possibilities in 
homebase - let's do the networking thing... :-)(cool name for a 21st 
dance, isn't it?) and promote each other.

I'm applying for my own brand new group (still unnamed but ready to take of
in about a mounth or so), improvisation based, danceable kind of music

looking forward to hear from you


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Incidentally, I'm playing live with Kyma and my new , (secondhand) laptop 
27th September at Chapter Arts' Centre, Wales, UK at the Diggers' club. I
know most of you can't make the necessary transatlantic journey  - maybe I
should record it, (It's sort of freeform world jazz stuff.)
Anyone who makes it gets a free pint form me!
Hey, this is starting to sound desperate :)


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> I'm wondering if people want to do Looping festivals in their area?