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Re: Sentient Six Guitar Processor

Dude!  Don't buy it.  When the Passac Six Guitar processor started 
out of control, it finally became sentient.  It developed too fast and was 
ready to handle emotions.  It turned on it's owners and had to be driven 
out of
town by torch wielding peasants (I've had this happen to me and trust me it
sucks).  Beware!

Mark Sottilaro

Jason Porter wrote:

> I am thinking of buying a used piece of MIDI equipment. It is from 1989 
> the only info I have is what it says on the casing. That it is a PASSAC
> Sentient Six Guitar Processor. I wont have the manuals and I am 
>wondering if
> anyone can advise me on what it does and just how to use it. Thanks.
> JasonP@localmusic.com