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Re: EDP's sighted/not heard & tibetan bowls

gig report:

caught the mermen (with bruce licher's band scenic) at the hollywood
knitting factory last night. both jim thomas and bassist jennifer (last
name not known by me...) had edp's in their (not insubstantial) rigs.
the only looping i heard (topic-friendly note) was through jim's signal
chain at just a few points; but i didn't notice any flickering of the
edp's display all evening. i asked him after the show (which was great
nonetheless- he is amazing at what he does) if he used the 'plex at all
& he insisted he did, but maybe only for a few moments...he seemed to be
controlling everything from a *ground control* unit, so i'm not sure how
much he was able to do with the edp anyway... his tone is quite pristine
& beautiful, tho it travels through tons of circuit before it hits the

-lance g.

ps sorry claude for the guitar-heavy post. :-)

pps there's a source for tibetan singing bowls here in southern
california for anyone interested: claremont folk music center has them
(priced from US $60 - $100), as well as a bunch of other fine stuff. ph
909.624.2928 / www.folkmusic.com