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Zoom Sample Track 224 Sponsorship

I have one of these wonderful Looping Tools, and I would like to sponsor a 
link to it.
I have NO, idea how to do this, so can can you help. (Well, the website, 
link setup is not a problem, I could do
the HTML coding myself, but I have no idea how to get it linked to the LD
site).I use this contraption in conjunction with my PC, and software from 
Sonic Foundry.
I have learned some tricks and can offer some tips, for users of this
I would also would like to have downloadable samples that can be used as
Loops for the device.
The original samples could be rendered in MP3, then converted to .WAV 
and uploaded to the device, (the appropriate software, and Flashcard, with 
converter will be needed for this option).
So how about it.... can LD give a brother a table dance, I mean a chance ?

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