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Re: sp-808 OS update

Where did you get the OS update? Is this the SP-808EX OS update available
from Roland's site?


At 11:15 AM -0700 10/12/00, Ryan D. Supak wrote:
>i got the new sp-808 operating system and installed it a few months
>i just realised the sp-808 with the newest OS meets "true looper"
>criteria, in that you can add audio to a loop without stopping playback.
>(for anyone who owns one and cares, combine pad-to-track mode with the
>synth preset called "sound on sound".  put fx patch in "send/return"
>it looks to have quite a few subtle intricacies to it, but i really
>haven't had a chance to plod through it all yet because of midterms and
>too many office hours. 8<
>(np: OST - Vanishing Point)