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Re: Echoplex on e-bay/Tutorial

>Oh my god, when did you discover this learning disability?

learning disability?  jeez...since when was the Echoplex Digital Pro 
considered an easy processor to learn?  or to operate successfully on 
anything more than a rudimentary (read: jamman) level?  we take our 
own looping skills/technophilia for granted sometimes, methinks. 
despite it's limitations, the jamman is relatively easy to use, rock 
solid, flexible (when operated via midi), and fun, IMHO.

i've had opportunities to buy EDP's, and i passed too, since it was 
unwieldy in ways that would have prohibited my way of working, and i 
knew i was in for a steep learning curve in order to make the 
investment worthwile.  sure, i could have learned it and found ways 
to exploit it, but chose other toys to do the job at hand.

seems pretty harsh to label someone with a learning disablity for 
choosing their tools, and letting us have a go at the goodies, no 

i'm assuming that your being sarcastic, no?

two pennies is all it's worth,