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Fostex 2050 Line Mixer

I'm considering a Fostex 2050 line mixer as part of my live
loop/feedback/processor setup... can anyone clarify to me how well it works
as a feedback mixer and give me some clear specs on the ins/outs?

This will be used with 2 Korg Kaoss pads (feeding the input of one back 
another should hopefully allow me to overdub loops and effected loops), an
Akai Headrush and assorted other stuff like optical theremins, electribe
es-1, etc.

Right now I have a behringer eurorack 2004 (16/20 channel) mixer that only
has 2 effects sends so basically i want to use this line mixer to augment
that and give me more power to route effects and have more channels (I'm
already getting low on channels ;D ).

aka phalen180