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EDP Debrief

Boy that was fast ! I sold both my EDPs on e-bay for $800 each in less
than 48 hours, with minimal regrets. And I've still got my two Jammans
to console me !

I am thankful that Kim has maintained this list and for the things I
have learned here, but I must say I'm a bit offended by his harsh
comments. Perhaps I am a little "learning disabled", but the reality is
that the EDP is a difficult product to learn and the manual is of little
help. Yes I could have stuck with it longer, but I'm doing this "just
for fun" and my experiences with the EDP were more frustrating than fun
most of the time.

Contrary to his assertions, I did ask for and receive help from others
on and off this list, but I never really felt as comfortable using the
EDP as I was with the Jamman. Besides, the kind of help I was seeking
could only really be had one-on-one, which is why I was so vocal about
the idea of a tutorial video. BTW- if a good one was ever was produced,
I might go get another EDP ! I really am crazy, see !! :)

As I was telling someone else on this list (but outside the open forum),
I would never have become a musician if I didn't like to connect wires
and turn knobs so much ! Consequently, I love to be in love with my
gear, and I've cycled through a lot. Perhaps I could have learned to
love the EDP, as I had so hoped to.

Now the Repeater is the new object of my affection !

Kim, "humble list maintainer", I respect you and what you do for the
looping community, and I have stood-up for you a couple of times when
you've offended others, but man you can be arrogant ! 

And as for confusing people on e-bay about older Oberhiem EDPs- I'm
sorry, I guess I was confused myself. I had gathered from this
discussion list that the older versions of EDPs were glitch-prone.

My sincere thanks to Matthis, Gary, and the others on this list who've
helped and encouraged me. Sorry if I've disappointed you.

Looking forward to more "just for fun" experiences with the Repeater,