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EDP Multiply without recording revisited

You can record using multiply and not add new material if you are in delay
mode and have the volume pedal backed down.

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> At 12:44 PM -0700 9/2/00, Om_Audio wrote:
>  >Is it possible to enter Multiply mode without recording? I don't think
>  >but thought I'd ask- I want to Multiply and play on top but not record
>  >I play while multiplying.- Thanks-
>  >
Then Floyd Miller wrote:

> You could turn down the input control all the way.
> But why?  all multiply without recording would do is
> make copies of the original loop which would be the
> same as just letting the original loop play, except
> the multiple loops would use up more memory.

And then Gozanabit explains:

Here's why--
Sometimes I have a phrase which works as the first part of a phrase, but
needs to be a multiple, i. e., it does not repeat enough times--you know,
like the first 4 bars of the blues, say.
Then I want to insert the next part, but in order to fool the audience into
thinking that it's live (!), I need to keep playing thru the doubling of 
first part while I multiply to get to the proper place in the progression.
See, I'm not using any more than one loop yet.  I haven't needed or wanted
to switch between loops since the Echoplex has such an abundance of power.
Much better to compose the tune and arrange the parts as I go along--then 
will play correctly ''til Kingdom come (or the audience gets ugly).
Unfortunately there is this limitation.  Good to know what the boundaries
are . . .