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Re: OT: Warning! Musician's Friend Warning!


I fear that your experience perfectly describes the new world order.  There
are so many people employed these days in service jobs and then many more
that do nothing but cover for the poor service.  It seems that I spend at
least 10% of my time at work dealing with nameless people on the phone (if 
am lucky to find a phone number to call) just to clear up stupid stuff like
incorrect phone bill, water bill, mysterious charges on my credit card,
parking tickets issued in my name for places I've never been, you name it.
Today it was resolving a totally screwed up situation with PayPal - two
weeks it has taken then to send my money to a guy for a G-Force I bought on

There is only one thing you can do:  Loop away your stress.  Anything else
will just make your blood boil.

Now I am fearing that UPS will loose my new G-Force,


>From: Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net>
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: OT: Warning! Musician's Friend Warning!
>Date: Tue, Dec 5, 2000, 4:44 PM

> Hey.
> I just had/am having a horrible experience with Musician's Friend.
> I ordered...