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To kim flint RE:Repeater update...

>>> jeremiah266@hotmail.com 12/05/00 06:50PM >>>
Hello, Could Someone explain what the repater dos enot do that the 
echoplex dose do? 

Hi Jeremiah... just have time for a couple quick observations. I'm copying 
this to Damon AND Kim for feedback if they care to get caught up in this 

> From the alpha manual the repeater seems to be able to do loop copy and 

Repeater: Loop Copy sounds like it doubles the loop... and they don't 
really make it completely clear if you can arm Overdub so it begins at the 
start of the Loop Copy and allows you to play while the loop copy is being 
done. So I'm believing that you may have to wait for one Loop Copy cycle 
to double a loop... what if you want 16 copies? Do you have to press Loop 
Copy 4 times (2 4 8 16?) It doesn't sound like you'll be able to create 
odd numbered or even 6, 10, 12 or 14 bar executions. Food for thought... 

EDP: Multiply begins at any point in a loop creating a new start point as 
well as beginning overdub if you've got the other parameters set 
correctly.. So you just hit the Multiply button and start playing your 
melody... freely stating any passage you please until you're happy... at 
which time you can tap Multiply to stop the process at the end of the 
phrase cycle ANY WHERE IN THE CYCLE. If you want to create one long cycle, 
you just press record to end the cycle exactly at the tap instead of the 
end of the next cycle... creating a single long loop with your melody 
overdub... which you can then multiply, divide etc.

> plus longer loop time, better loop storage, stereo looping and pitch 

Well sure... storage, stereo looping and pitch shifting with time stretch 
will be great features and help make the Repeater unique in it's 
desirability. We'll see how well they work in actuality when it ships.

One EDP feature which I really like that I don't believe the Repeater has 
is the Insert function. This can work by adding time (new material) to a 
loop wherever you tap in and tap out... It can also work as a Replace 
function where you can pop in tiny chunks of rythymic feedback, silence 
etc. allowing you to completely alter the loop rather than just add to it 
or overdub. I manage to migrate around to completely different musical 
content using this function. This is a MAJOR feature and I use it 
constantly... The Repeater and most other loopers out there don't really 
do Insert and Replace in this way. The EDP does this stuff quite simply in 
real time IN SPADES. Not to mention that the Insert parameter also has the 
Rehearse mode and Reverse mode allowing for still more weirdness... (I 
realize that the Repeater has Reverse).

The EDP NextLoop function allows for groupings of dissimilar length loops 
which you can freely move between. You don't have to have a midi 
controller to initiate a pgm chg to jump to another dissimilar length 
loop. Damon has said that a pgm chg to another STORED loop will happen 
very fast so it should be functional still doesn't address the fact that 
you're not able to record dissimilar length loops in REAL TIME ON THE FLY 
and then migrate among them without intensive midi pgm chg tap dancing. 

NextLoop also allows for either Copying the previous loop using Multiply 
mode to create differing length loops IMMEDIATELY... OR playing real time 
NEW material to create a contrast to the previous loop. You can configure 
up to 9 of these loops, each having these capabilities, on the EDP. I 
usually have mine setup for 3 or 4 loops. 

When using my midi controller, I have a bank configured to freely call up 
any of these loops with a single button press... I also can tap a button 
and change the parameters so that the change occurs either at the end of 
the loop or immediately. 

This kind of capability and depth doesn't seem likely in the Repeater and 
literally ALL other loopers. This is what makes the EDP unique. I won't 
say better, because as we've heard before, It's important to critically 
assess your needs, THEN choose your product based on that. I want a 
Repeater because it appears to include some attractive SAMPLER type 
capabilities, as well as stereo. I will probably use the EDP more as a 
free form real-time looper... and the Repeater as a way to capture that 
stuff in stereo and further mutate it as well as store my best efforts. 

> (probably better customer support and reliability if electrix treats it 
>like its other products). 

Wait and see... I have my own gripes with the handling of the EDP by 
Gibson, but I've already thoroughly exhausted them. I won't bother the 
group with them any more.

That said... My EDP has been working great since it's first (quickly 
repaired under warranty) problem. I trust it at this point fairly well.

I'll stop here for now... As Kim suggests... carefully assess your needs 
and select a looper based on your preferences. 

All I know is that I'm really hooked on the Insert and Multiply features 
the way the EDP has implemented them. I believe Pitch Transposing is 
coming in the next ROM upgrade as well as many other hinted at tricks and 
treats. So I'm actually very excited and really looking forward to EVEN 
MORE functionality for my EDP, with deep, multi-configurable parameters, 
which only the EDP s/w team has been able to provide in a product to this 

Happy Looping!
-Miko Biffle