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RE: OT: Warning! Musician's Friend Warning!

> There's a store in Redwood city, on El Camino, whose
> name is on the tip of 
> my tongue (Gerbers? something with a G :>). They
> have a good selection of 
> gear, and usually mark stuff down at the register.
> The staff aren't that 
> knowledgeable, at least in the keyboard department.
> However, they are not 
> working on commision, which makes their life, and
> ours, easier.

Gelb music.  This is usually one of my first choices. 
Trouble is that they frequently seem to have trouble
coming close to matching others' prices.

> There's a store called Draper's in Palo Alto, just
> down the street from me. 

My experience has only been bad with Draper's.  They
once agreed to sell me a piece of gear on the phone
for a certain price, said that I would get no return
priviledges 'cuz they were selling it so low <huh?,
well, ok>.  I said ok, <I really wanted this gizmo>
and went in an hour later to get it.  They then said
that they couldn't sell it to me because it was a demo
model.  But they could order one for me, but couldn't
sell it at the price they had quoted me.  The manager
was no help at all, except to point out to the Ass.
Mngr.  that it was illegal to try to sell gear without
a return priviledges.  My second attempt to buy
something from them was no better.

I've had good luck also with Bananas at Large,
8thstreet.com, and Gitter Center in San Jose. 
Starving is always fun to polk around in.


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