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RE:Repeater update...

> I have the sickness (flu).

Feel better Damon... I think I'm at the beginning of some bug meself.

> Nope. Loop copy lets you copy a loop from one location to another. For 
>example: I make a loop at location 1 on the CFC card. I want to copy it 
>to another card without booting my computer. I just copy the loop to 
>location '1 in the internal memory, swap cards and then copy the loop 
>from '1 to the new card. You could also use it to copy the loop to 
>another location to build a variation. etc...It's like it sounds....copy.

Ah... a more storage based function.

>>... and they don't really make it completely clear if you can arm 
>Overdub so it begins at the start of the Loop Copy and allows you to play 
>while the loop copy is being done. So I'm believing that you may have to 
>wait for one Loop Copy cycle to double a loop... what if you want 16 
>copies?  Do you have to press Loop Copy 4 times (2 4 8 16?) It doesn't 
>sound like
you'll be able to create odd numbered or even 6, 10, 12 or 14 bar  
executions. Food for thought... 

> This is the function of loop multiply. The present implementation is 
>that it doubles the loop every time you press the button. A press and 
>hold of the button will let you dial in the exact number of times you 
>want the loop replicated i.e.: 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. 

That sounds good... what's the upper limit on this? 

> We have had alpha feedback to allow this to divide a loop length as 
>well. We have also had feedback to make this a live process where it is 
>enabled and multiplies the loop as you overdub (similar to EDP). Odds are 
>it will be implemented as stated first,

Cool... I'd be very interested in having Divide capable of quantized 
divide (halving or cutting down the number of cycles) as well as 
real-time.. where the first tap shows the start point and the next tap 
ends the divide.

> however...the software will be easy to update. (Put software on CFC card 
>-Insert CFC - New Repeater OS. No service people, no screw drivers, no 
>chip pulling). So If you become a Repeater looper give us your feedback! 

Simply awesome...

>>One EDP feature which I really like that I don't believe the Repeater 
>has is the Insert function. 

> Correct. At the present time we do not have an insert function.

Any alpha folks commenting on this? If not you have to get a few more 
people in on alpha testing!

>>The EDP NextLoop function allows for groupings of dissimilar length 
>loops which you can freely move between. You don't have to have a midi 
>controller to initiate a pgm chg to jump to another dissimilar length 
>loop. Damon has said that a pgm chg to another STORED loop will happen 
>very fast so it should be functional still doesn't address the fact that 
>you're not
able to record dissimilar length loops in REAL TIME ON THE FLY and then 
migrate among them without intensive midi pgm chg tap dancing. 

> This makes it sound harder than it actually is. There is a knob on the 
>face plate to access loop locations as well as the MIDI access. Access to 
>a new loop location is instant whether it is STORED or blank so you will 
>be able to record a new loop at a different length in real time on the 

So do you just reach over and crank to a new location? Then hit record to 

>> When using my midi controller, I have a bank configured to freely call 
>up any of these loops with a single button press... I also can tap a  
>button and change the parameters so that the change occurs either at the 
>end of the loop or immediately. 

> Repeater kinda does this in a different way. You move to the new 
>location and pressing play will engage the new loop. If you hit play 
>close to the end of the loop Repeater will wait and engage the new loop 
>at the end of the loop. A press outside of this window will engage the 
>loop exactly when you press play. 


>> This kind of capability and depth doesn't seem likely in the 
>Repeater... snip!

> Repeater is very much a real time loop based recorder. Even though it 
>has production features like pitch and time stretching everything is 
>accessible instantly. We are working to make Repeater a powerful looper 
>both live and in the studio.

My above comment probably seems provocative... As an admirer of the 
completist approach of Kim and Matthias, I've probably made this seem too 
strong. I'm just saying that the Repeater has many VERY ATTRACTIVE 
features, but still doesn't have some of the (important to me) features I 
frequently use on the EDP. I'm still totally stoked that it's coming to 
market though and certainly will do my best to grab one. 

I'd say the stereo feature coupled with the moveable fx insert point will 
be a major joy for me. I'm so burdened by having to have dedicated boxes 
before and after my looper now... 

Thanks so much for your quick replies Damon... Get well soon.