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Re: improv + looping in Jungian analysis


I wish I could be more specific.  Not possible w/o Me doing a bit of
research.  I'd rather compose.  You're the academian.

Here's a tip.  Contact the Foundation For Shamanic Studies (something like
that).  Do a web search.  Michael Harner runs it.

What you find are references to what you are looking for.  In harner's
book, Way Of The Shaman, he writes about a shamanic initiation someplace in
Mexico, I think.  An over the top psychedelic experience.  during the
experience, he confronts a very threatening dragon.  He later relates this
meeting to the shaman who laughs.  The shaman describes the dragon and it's
meaning - reference Hopi mythology.  Same meaning, essentially.  Later,
Harner runs into some missionaries working the area for Jesus.  They tell
him of the biblical reference to the exact experience he had.  Very
interesting stuff.  Looping?  Drums.  Perhaps the experience, itself -
"looping" through cultures.

Mythology - parallel symbols.  Then, the vehicle employed to reach the 
required to "meet" the symbol.  Drums, chants, dancing, powerful drugs,
repetitive movements and sounds, focused attention (hypnosis), etc.

Good luck. 


 At 05:30 AM 12/7/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Could you please be more specific?  The subjects you mentioned contain
>hundereds of volumes.  Any specific titles?
>>There is actually a lot written on the subject:
>Shamanic literature
>Ecstatic dancing
>Native American
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