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RE: Cracks in EDP

Hi Dave-

The Echoplex has to get very hot to start behaving that way. If it was 80
degrees out and sunny, the temperature inside a rack of black metal
electronics boxes, all generating their own heat with little air-flow and
the sun beating on them is going to be far hotter!

You should be careful about that. Even though the Echoplex was the first to
act up, other items are likely to have been close to the edge as well.
Digital electronics frequently don't work well at extreme temperatures. All
sorts of data errors can start occuring (which is probably what was
happening to you.) Even if they don't obviously show problems during use,
you are defintely reducing the life-span of your gear.  A rule of thumb for
electronics reliability in manufacturing is for every 10 degrees of
operating temperature, you reduce the life of the product by half!

If you are going to be playing outside in the sunlight on hot days, I would
highly suggest keeping your gear under some sort of shade and have a fan
blow air through your rack. That will bring the temperature down
considerably inside those metal boxes! Your gear will be more reliable and
last a lot longer.


At 1:37 PM -0800 12/10/00, future perfect wrote:
> Yeah, my noises range from little crackles and pops to loud, ugly digital
>glitches, which gets recorded onto the loop and repeats. This is only 
>when I
>perform in a hot room, or outside in the sun.
> Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices
>> I have a similar problem, but my EDP makes LOUD and UGLY noises
>> when it over
>> heats.

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